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Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary Oil is slightly astringent,  similar to eucalyptus. It has a fresh and green herbal scent. Breathing in Rosemary may 

  • Help you focus and retain information better
  • Boost attention , alertness and energy
  • A few of the best ways to use this oil is topically , when used it works wonders such as possibly

  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Increasing circulation in the body 
  • Reducing anxiety & easing stress
  • Repelling ticks 
  • Relieving mild pain 
  • Stimulating the scalp for hair growth
  • Try a Rosemary nasal inhaler for immediate relief on the go  or take in a deep breath straight from the bottle.

    Add 3-15 drops to diffuser and be well.

    Do NOT apply directly to skin. 

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