I am a Crystal Healer, Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Conduit of Positive Energy. 

I am a Double Board Certified Exponential Health Coach equipped with the tools to help clients control their internal physiology by identifying the relationship between stress and illness, offering a clear understanding of the pathway to Be Your Own Healer through Holistic Health and Consciousness.

Currently working on my Doctorate in Natural Medicine.

Fun Fact About Me

I love to invert (physically turn myself upside down).  It's the way I channel my energy so that when I am rightside up I know exactly what I'm doing. 

What I Do

I change lives for a living through my stories and life experiences coupled with the power of affirmations. I am extremely passionate about what I do. 


The History Behind The Name

Muhimu may look like it’s a bit difficult to pronounce (moo-hee-moo). It  means essential in Swahili. Essential things needed for life are food,  water, air, sleep and shelter but it’s our responsibility as individuals  to use those things wisely.  Muhimu Oils simply translates as  Essential Oils. The reason behind this was 2 fold. We wanted to introduce the approach of saying something another way which translates into doing things another way. The medical field how we have always known it, treats our illnesses. That’s how its been since  the beginning of time. If something is wrong with you, you go to the  doctor. Muhimu Oils introduces the idea to Be Your Own Healer. What if we worked harder to “prevent” than we do to “treat” sickness?

Insert our second reason right here, We feel that herbs and oils are essential.  They help heal our dis-ease and put us in a place of wellness; which is  not just the absence of sickness but the presence of health. Being able  to educate people from all walks of life about this is our passion and our mission.

The name Muhimu came from a good friend of mine who passed in 2021. With every life I help change I honor her memory. Muhimu means "Essential" in Swahili. These oils, sprays, creams and blends are essential to optimal living for me. 

So I share this little love language with you. May the products you purchase heal your dis-ease and put you in a place of comfort and wellness, as wellness is not just the absence of illness but the presence of health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable healing space where individuals can focus on wellness and the absence of dis-ease by cultivating the inter-connective relationships of the mind, the body and the spirit to positively enhance self healing.


My brother had blood clots in his legs and they traveled to his lungs  causing him to have a heart attack and a stroke. He lost consciousness  for 24 minutes. All of his brain lobes were damaged which made him  vegetative. The doctors advised my family to pull the plug. They said  his quality of life would not be optimal. All I could think about was  that his brain stem wasn’t damaged; currently working on my 2nd degree  in psychology, that meant possibility in my head. I must admit I’ve  always been a brain nerd, wanting to know how thoughts, words and  experiences merged together to create behavior or the blocking out of  instances. So I went to work. I found out what essential oils could be  diffused to help restore synaptic connections. That’s brain talk for  sending and receiving information through the body from the brain. I had  a diffuser going in his room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we read to  him in shifts around the clock, we played recordings of our voices so he  would recognize and remember, we rubbed the bottom of his feet with  special oil blends that I created, we had frequency music playing while  he slept, we sang to him and spoke to him as if he could speak back. He  never got an infection because I created certain supplements for his  water drip. He had 1 bed sore in the hospital that quickly turned into a  stage 4 wound that I healed with natural products. He spent about 4  months in the hospital and then 1 year and a half at home where he was  cared for around the clock. 

Why is this story relevant? 

This is why I  started Muhimu Oils, because through the research and determination to  help heal my brother, I learned ways to restore synaptic connections using essential oils. My brother lived almost 2 years passed the time  the doctors said he would. This story infuses the work that I do and makes my mission to educate, motivate, stimulate and emancipate everyone that I touch to be your own healer. It’s my battle cry to the senior  man or woman that you don’t have to take 13 pills everyday for the rest  of your life. It’s my strong advice for the new parents or single mother  that if you start your child off naturally you carve a path for  wellness. It’s my head nod to the teenage that the stuff that is harmful  isn’t as cool as the stuff that heals. It’s my reintroduction of  information to the Christian community that we have been given the power  to heal ourselves.